C R A S H !

//C R A S H !

C R A S H !

Having spent all of March and part of April in Australia, I returned to Bangkok 2 days before Songkran.

The Thai New Year is one of great celebrations of the Kingdom and it is characterized by the biggest water festival on earth. Everyone squirts or chucks water over each other in order to bless the other for good luck in the year to come. It is nation wide and you either love it or loathe it. I don’t love it.

But I found myself on Songkran Day with two close friends having drinks at a venue with minimal water splashing nor was I splashed and certainly I was not blessed that day…

After enjoying some music and time with many friends, I went to leave the venue and at the top of 9 steep sharp concrete stairs partly, all covered in water, I slipped and lost my balance and fell hard on my back sliding down the entire flight of stairs and crashing into the wall at the end of the stairs well with such a force a spun around!

I lay there for a few seconds and then I was able to stand up and find my friends at the entrance close by and then collapsed onto a bench in shock and sweating feverishly. I had terrific pain in my arm and asked that they find a taxi very quickly to take me to ER at Bumrungrad International Hospital. I drifted in and out of a dreamy sleep and the taxi ride seemed to be 30 seconds rather than 8 to 10 minutes. The taxi seemed to have arrived in seconds.

This was at 10.45pm. At 2am, one of the country’s leading Orthopaedic Surgeons drove in from his home after seeing X-rays and CT scans and advised that my wrist was broken in 3 places, the main radial bone dislocated and an emergency operation would take place at 5am to put my wrist back together again.

4 days later after experiencing the finest care in a beautiful setting I was released from the hospital though my hand remains in a splint and I continue to use a sling. I have 95-100% chance of recovering full use of my hand in 4 months and I am typing with this hand now which seems to be very good exercise. The endless physio and exercises that will follow to get full use of my hand will be no fun.

But the accident in a sense was life changing. I felt so much love from my friends in what was a pretty scary scenario both directly after the accident and after the operation when I had very high blood pressure and high pain levels but everyone I know in Bangkok was around me and those out of the country were in constant contact with me. felt very loved and very loving.

Sometimes you need a “crash” to remind you of who you are and the blessings given you. I am a lucky guy and the Surgeon told me that with this kind of fall I could easily have resulted in brain and spinal damage. But there was oddly not one mark on my body.

The two friends who were with me at the time of my accident were a particular blessings that night and right through the 5 days ordeal prior to being released from hospital. Thank you and Happy Songkran to all my Thai friends.

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