100 days into the Trump administration

//100 days into the Trump administration

100 days into the Trump administration

100 days into the Trump administration and just a couple of surprise achievements in good meetings with the Chinese President and an effective strike on Syria after its use of chemical weapons against its citizens including children. A slightly calmer President is evident with a slightly more sophisticate understanding perhaps of the office in holds which is not that of a medieval King.

The most bizarre moment of the first 100 days was the Kelly-Ann Conway episode with Anderson Cooper where she explained a colleague had been speaking of “alternative facts”…. which was apparently ok… Anderson’s expression was amazing.

It remains bizarre as America shatters into 5 political factions rather than 2. We have The Republican Party, The Democrat Party, The White House, the bizarre pseudo media outlets on the net and the Media proper all seemingly part of the power dynamic.

The President jumps around with Twitter promises and pronouncements and doesn’t seem to stop watching the media and everyone labels everything “fake noos”.

The wall remains the President’s pervasive obsession and the Obama care dismantling seemingly cannot happen despite how much he screams.

The scariest element is Steve Brannon and the sooner the President gets this one right the better the world will be. His input from other more stable parties that one learns of is reassuring and it seems he is now starting to listen to things he does not want to hear.

His proposal of a 15% corporate tax rate, the same as Hong Kong is nuts and key economists are clear it would need 10 years of one per cent rises in GDP to finance the deficit created by radical tax reduction. The United States is not Hong Kong.

Suspect it goes the same way as Obama care and suspect the wall may be revised or not built based on sensitivities to indigenous communities who happen to hold sacred land just where he wants to build’s

Meanwhile Teresa May takes a gamble… the Brits are good at this and it will likely be good for the Brexit exit and we will see how the voters throw the dice next weekend with Madame La Pen in second place but the polls globally have been more wrong than right in recent times. If she does win the French Presidency then watch the EU dominos begin to fall.

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